Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Friends & Family,

With a touch of sadness, I announce that "From My Front Porch" blog is at an end.

Thank you for sharing our journey.  Documenting the infertility struggles was cathartic for me.  Celebrating our children was a supreme joy.  Sharing all of it and feeling your support was worth the world to me.

I have created blog books to save all of our memories.  Both girls have a book to keep themselves of their first two years of life.  The treasured memories will be saved in multiple formats.  :)

This beautiful life gets a little crazy sometimes and it now easier for me to document our family via instagram and facebook.  Please come find me there!  (IG- ChelseaLietz)

I would also love if you visited my business site and left me some comment love.  www.newborn-pics.com

For now, I think I'll go sit on my front porch, rub my rounded belly, and watch my children grow.

God is so good.  Bless you all from the bottom of my happy heart.


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