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I’m a Texas girl with a passion for photography, words, and God. I met my cowboy in 2002 and we live in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. From our front porch we watch the sun set every evening on the Diamante Ranch.

We live a life flush with many dogs and farm animals, but we always dreamed of a family. For two years we battled male factor infertility, two blood clotting disorders, and two miscarriages. But in January of 2010, our beautiful daughter Kherington Grace was born, and 20 months later came her little sister Hadley June, and then it happened.

I became one of those moms. You know the ones.

I breastfeed and cloth diaper and baby wear. And still worse… I’m a mommy blogger. Yep. I take far too many photos of my children, write mushy letters for the entire world wide web to read, and assume that all of my readers (who, let’s face it, are probably just my mom and my grandma) want to hear about poopy diapers and leaky breastmilk.

But I can’t help myself. I’m a mommy blogger. And if you can handle the absurd amount of baby cuteness, you are welcome to a glimpse of what life is like from my front porch…

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