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My name is Chelsea and I'm a boots, jeans, beer, and live music type of girl. I believe in family, love, and beauty. I believe Christ is a close friend of mine. I am passionate and sensitive and sometimes too emotional. I see beauty in almost everything, and it moves me. I love traveling, good books, and the way children touch my soul. I cherish music, words, and dancing with my husband. I have my own business called Chelsea Lietz Photography.

My Amazing Husband is the sweetest cowboy ya ever met. He is a small town guy with a heart of gold. Skip is a calf roper and enjoys rodeos and riding.  He loves Longhorn football, hunting, fishing, drinkin' beer with the guys, and of course, his family!

Kherington Grace is our firstborn baby girl, born January 21,2010.   She loves dancing, her animals, babies, and cupcakes. Trite as it may be, life with her is amazing, and just keeps getting better. Even if she is entering the "terrible twos!"

Hadley June is the sweetest baby sister in Texas.  She was born October 7, 2011 and has made our good thing even better. She loves Mommy's milk, long naps, and kisses from her Big Sister.


Our dogs are family. (read: spoiled rotten) Hondo, the yellow lab, is our hunting dog. He follows Skip around the ranch and lives for dove season. He is hyper and sweet and really needs to get laid!

Sydney, the golden retriever, is the happiest dog on the planet. Our little tom boy spends her days swimming in the tanks, chasing deer, rolling in the mud, and chewing on various animal bones. She loves kids and is the sweetest thing you'll ever meet.

Abbie is pound puppy. We just couldn't resist that one blue eye!  She follows Sydney everywhere, tugging on her ears and tumbling through the grass. Abbie spends her days nipping at cows and her nights curled up in Skip's recliner.

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